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Dr. Syndrom is pleased to meet you! He definitely could use some help, so get your fingers ready and help him destroy as much microbes/viruses as possible!

We are really glad to have accomplished this in less than 48h, specially because it's the first game we have ever done!

Everything has been created for the occasion (except from the Arial Font).

Credits to this amazing people:

Victor Espada, IG: @victorespada_ : Animator & Composer

Clara Nicolás [placeHolder] : Chief programming

Julio San Román, IG @julio_sroman : Concept Artist

Also you can follow me (I'm not amazing, tho):

José Céspedes: Game Designer

Please, enjoy our little project and feel free to tell us what can be done way better.

For now we are concerned of some bugs:

1. No guide (we are creating it!)

2. No 'way back' after having start (back button, where are you?)

3. Changing Color of the Doctor is neither accurate nor helpful (the scores are well calculated, but we are working on it)

Our main goals are:

1. Fix those bugs properly ASAP!

2. Add some variatons, balance the whole game and provide a more complex experience!

3. Highscores (local)

4. Some new-brand levels (we already have the animations)

Other crazy ideas:

1. Re-designing for phone-portability (top camera + corner buttons = endless fun :) )

2. Adding more difficult mechanics (trying to keep it as simple as possible).

Please, do not forget to check out the music, it's kind of addictive (ok, I may be a fanboy)

Be happy! See you soon!


Chroma Syndrom.rar 14 MB

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